It is said in Huangdi Dynasty, Yuan Fei ancestor began domesticating wild silkworm to home silkworm, take the silk to make Brocade of clothes. In the oldest farming and weaving picture, has detailed records of whole process of hatching of silkworm, feeding of silkworm, burning of silk, Weaving of silk.

Thousands of years later, despite how science dash forward, silk is still only from the small silkworm inch by inch slowly. All the high-tech glory be cast into the shade in front of a silk worms. Silk is the peak of silkworm life, silk is to continue the life of silkworm.

A silkworm 's life is only 28 days,one life's silk of a silkworms is 1000 meters long. How much of silkworm 's life can converge into a shirt, a cheongsam, a quilt is a miracle created by silkworm. When a silkworm slowly grown, molt, silking, cocoon, all things are seems to yield three points to silkworm. People have added to the silkworm care, lest it be disturbed, then affect it to eat and silk.

A piece of silk to be not easily won, so it determines the silk noble and mysterious. In the Tang Dynasty, the came bells of silk road convey "silk" Chinese dress culture to the far western. The world know ancient and mysterious China because of bright and soft silk.

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